Currently new Applications being audited in an average of 14 days

Pre-Hospital Care Provider Verification & Registration

The UK Registry of EMTs provides a registration body for emergency medical professionals across all grades in order to verify training and competency within the pre-hospital emergency care sector.  

The UKREMT is a not-for-profit, non-statutory organisation that is run by volunteers and with two AIM's: 

* To register all professionals that provide care to pre-hospital patients 

* To campaign for the protection of titles such as EMT, ECA, CFR, AAP, IHCD Technician, Ambulance Technician and Assistant Ambulance Practitioner. 

Full registrant applications accepted from PHEM / UKREMT grades D [FPOS(I), CFR, ECA, FREC3] that match the skills framework and above.  

Associate registrant from EFAW, FAW and those associated health care professionals interested in Pre-Hospital Care that do not currently match the PHEM framework at level D.  

All those registered with UKREMT will meet and adhere to the strict skill requirements and a fitness to practice documents laid down in the FPHC PHEM Skills Framework and the UKREMT T&Cs. 

100% Verification & Audit of all applications for registrations, which makes us the ONLY UK wide EMT registration scheme to have 100% verification.


Our Registrants MUST meet these minimum requirements

36 Hours of CPD

Each year our full registrants must complete at least 36 hours of Continued Professional Development in order to remain registered, the amount of CPD increases the higher UKREMT grade you hold. 

Min level of Training Hours

Our registrants must meet the required minimum training hours as per accepted industry standards for each level on the UKREMT to gain registry, the minimum amount does vary dependant on the qualification and grade on the registry and will include a minimum of 750 clinical hours for levels F and above.  

100% Percent of Applicants Audited

All UKREMT applications are fully audited before registration is given. Then re-audited every two years for all those requesting to remain on the register, no applicant or renewal will be accepted without photo ID that matches their certificates. 

Fitness to Practice

All full registrants will agree to our Fitness to Practice guidelines for UK EMTs and follow the EMT Code at all times. 

Current Patient Contact

All UKREMT full registrants must demonstrate current patient experience via their application and CV. 

The number of patient contact hours and relevant CPD and experience must be documented before registration at grades F, G and H. 

Compliance of Skills Grades F, G & H

As well as the initial registration assessment and audit of their qualifications and ID, all those requiring registration with claimed skills grade of F, G & H, may be asked to pass a written clinical and if needed a practical skills assessment (OSCE). This is to ensure that those registrants listed with the UKREMT have current up-to-date practice and skills knowledge.

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