Currently new Applications being audited in an average of 14 days

Registration Process

It is important that our application forms use simple but comprehensive form fields and thus aid the broader process of auditing the applications for the registration scheme. 

The current preferred method of application is online using the forms at UKREMT-HOME in the HIVE please follow the link or the button at the foot of this page to start a new application.

Application Information

Registrant Levels

There are currently three levels of individual registration, Valid for three (3) years.

Level 1: Associate Registration:    


  • Associate Registration with UKREMT as a First Aider (A-C)
  • Welcome email
  • UKREMT Associates ID Card
  • UKREMT Car Badge

£45 per year with a three year registration at sign up


Level 2: Full Registration:


  • Registration with UKREMT as an EMT1-4 (D-H)
  • Welcome Letter
  • UKREMT ID Card                          
  • UKREMT Registration Certificate
  • UKREMT Car Badge
  • Ability to use post nominals EMT-R

£45 per year with a three year registration at sign up

Level 3:  Fellowship of UKREMT:  (Currently via invitation only)                                                       

May have to pass written and OSCE exams to show they are current at the grade they are applying for & agree to help us promote and develop the UKREMT. 


  • As above level 2 plus: 
  • Ability to use post nominals EMT-F 
  • Ability to help shape the future of the UKREMT

£45 per year with a three year registration at sign up

Corporate: Corporate partner registration:                                                         

100% of none HCPC / NMC / GMC employees or contractors must be registered failure to do so may result in removal of the partner without refund to paid fees.


  • 1 x fellowship registration or upgrade free of charge
  • Mapped entry on the partners page of this website 
  • Logo showing on partners page
  • Corporate registration certificate
  • UKREMT car window badges x 5
  • Discount code for all staff applications at 20%
  • Ability to help shape the UKREMT 

Scale of Fees are based the number of employees / contractors paid yearly.

On sign up we set you up for a three year partner agreement.

  1. 1 - 10        £100
  2. 11 - 50     £200
  3. 51 - 100   £400
  4. 101 +        £800
  5. Sponsor Partners £480

Tip: Apply for a corporate registration before you do your own individual one and save the £45 fee as you will get a code for 1 x free registration - if you are already a full registrant then you can use your free registration code for one of your staff.

Registration Process

1. Fill out a registration form which can found at the UKREMT Hive. (Application Form

2. Select either Associate, Full or Overseas registration and pay the required fee. 

For Corporate Partner Registration please email us at

3. Attach via Email copies of qualification proof, DBS and current CV & if applicable a current CPD record. 

4. Attach a professional referee that can verify your professional and clinical ability or include these details within your CV. 

Please have electronic copies of your CV and other supporting information ready before starting the application process. 

CPD Records only required for those applying for Grades E and above. 


* Overseas Applicants will be charged £45 for initial registration due to the extra work load required to audit overseas qualifications.

**  The ePCR access is an additional paid for service but only registrants or partners can apply and access it.

*** Registration is for 3 years and renewals are due every 3 years in the October or April following your 3rd year anniversery.

Additional fee