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Check a Practitioner is Registered with the UKREMT

Registration for EMT's with the UKREMT is totally voluntary and non-statutory therefore if you can't find a registrant, it does not mean they are not qualified. 

To cross reference the Grade please see the UKREMT skills framework.

The registry table below shows only those that work in pre-hospital care and that have registered as members of the UKREMT.  

We are a not for profit registration scheme to verify the underlying qualification of an individual and where they sit within the pre-hospital emergency medicine skills framework. Thus making it easier for employers and event organisors to have a better understanding of the huge number of qualifications that work in prehospital care.


We are NOT an employer and their Certificate & ID/Registration card is just proof of UKREMT registration at the time of its issue. It is the responsibility of the employer, agency or booking client to check the holder against the current list of registrants.

It is always advised that people ensure they do their own due dilligence and as such the UKREMT can not be responsible for errors or omissions not known to them at the time of registration or since registration has taken place - if you have concerns about a registrant please follow our Fitness to Practice Policy found at the foot of this page.

* If you are looking to register head to the home page, the application link is in the HIVE *

UKREMT Registration Check

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